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3085 Woodman Drive, Ste 100
Kettering, OH 45420

Beavercreek Vision Center
3121 Evelyn Drive, Suite 110B
Beavercreek, OH 45434

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Our VisionOptics Lab

VisionMakers and Beavercreek Vision Center both utilize our VisionOptics lab for making your eyeglasses.* The VisionOptics lab is located inside the VisionMakers office on Woodman Drive. This allows us to customize your glasses and make them to the exact prescription ordered by your optometrist, with the frame and lens features you select.

Our lab works closely with the our offices to ensure that when our patients receive their glasses they are made according to the prescription and fit ordered. The lab is able to grind and polish the lenses to the right thickness, cut the lenses to the proper shape for the frame selected, mount the lenses as required by the frame, add lens coatings and treatments as ordered, and inspect the lenses before they leave and again before you come to pick them up, to make sure they are just right for you.

Most vision offices send their eyeglass orders to an outside lab and do not have the ability to customize the order and insure the work at the level that we do. We are pleased to have professional lab staff and facilities to provide customized service for our patients!

VisionMakers eyewear labVisionMakers Lab2 VisionMakers eyewearlab VisionMakers Lab

*Some insurances require use of their lab.